Plague of Justice by Stan Turel

This true crime story includes money, murder and arson investigations, romance, and securities fraud. Greed and manipulation by the diagnosed psychopathic mastermind led to a contract killing. The convicted murderer, in an act of revenge, then sues the victim's son.

This book represents the true story of the victim's son's participation in a murder investigation and a 14 year legal battle, in pursuit of justice.

This Book Includes:

  • Psychopathic CPA organizes contract killing of business partner
  • CBS 60 Minutes investigation airs
    segment about this case
  • Investigation discovers arson, murder, securities fraud & theft ring
  • Plot is blundered when killers attempt to cover up crime scene —making assault appear as a burglary
  • Murder victim’s son assists in investigation leading to convictions
  • Convicted murderer, a CPA, seeks revenge as a jailhouse lawyer
  • Convicted murderer sued victim’s son for $5 million dollars
  • Perpetrators file numerous frivolous lawsuits involving 70 incidents where witnesses, district attorneys, detectives, and other government officials defend themselves —at taxpayer’s expense
  • This 14 year legal drama shows how victim’s rights can be exercised, including contesting parole board decisions